6 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Douglas, I didn’t realize you were so good with the camera. They are very lovely to behold. It was especially nice to see the old CN train, which brings back cherished memories of old.

    Was hoping you might drop by my website. Recently blogged an article about peace. There are few relevant questions that you might like to address and it would be great if you could pass on your wisdom. The post is titled Attain Peace of Mind.


      • Good old fashion fun! You got to love it! Keep taking awesome photos and you’ll likely have me as a life long fan. Feel free to throw in a little commentary on the images if you like. Really stoked to hear about the new GE diesel electrics; it’s great to know that Canada is taking steps in the right direction eh.


    • Raihan: Wonderful to hear from you. Yes, they were taken around this area, York Region Forests, Uxbridge, Newmarket, etc. How are you? I remember you fondly, as the Muslim student who knew the Catholic faith better than the Catholic students.


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