3 thoughts on “Necessary Conditions for Joy and Healing

  1. Hi Doug,I really appreciate this homiletic reflection on this gospel reading. There are several aspects that are quite beautiful, including the visits to the prison and mental hospital. You have a gift of writing and you use it very well in serving the Lord.Thanks for sharing.Dan


  2. Thanks so much for your thoughts and reflections. Your reflection took me back to the passage. Phrases – Luke is so vivid – that caught my attention and gave pause for reflection.
    Jesus travels…the borders.
    …they stood at a distance…[how difficult and humiliating]
    …they called out in a loud voice…[their only community were themselves]
    …in a loud voice… (Occurred 2 x’s) [before / after]
    …he threw himself at Jesus’s feet and thanked him. [When did I express such gratitude?]
    …he was a Samaritan/except this foreigner [strike #2 – ethnicity][Strike #1- social outcast] neither was beyond God’s grasp

    Thanks again for facilitating this glimpse of our LORD.


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