3 thoughts on ““In the Beginning was the Word”: A Commentary on the Prologue of the Gospel of John

      • It gladdens me to be a source of encouragement. Allow me to bring more precision to my meaning: Your line of thinking can be likened to a lifeline in all honesty. One can sense/feel/detect that your ethos, pathos and logos are aligned. In other words, the product of your soul/heart/mind remains within the Good, the Beautiful and the Truth that brings no harm. Knowing fair well that the Truth that brings no harm by implication provides healing and/or restitution. Therefore your legacy (eudaimonia) will continue to have agency in the world long after your mortal death, not because of your brilliant intellect or way with words, but because of your courage and compassion to make the best use of your gifts in light of GOD and keeping such love real in spirit and truth.


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