5 thoughts on “The Influence of a Few Good Catholic Teachers (Thoughts by Father Don Sanvido)

      • Would you like to play a game of chess someday? I am around a 1600-1700 level. Been playing causally for over 3 decades. Lichess.org has a feature that would allow us to play online for free and without signing up or registering. They also have puzzles and computer practice if you need to brush-up on your game. If interested reach me through my contact page and let me know what afternoon or evening is flexible for you.
        PS: Father’s coughing fit was hilarious by the way. Hopefully it will discourage others from picking it up.


      • Thanks Jason, but I have no time to play chess. I love chess, haven’t played in years, and playing someone at 1600+ level would not be that fun for me. I get killed. But thanks nevertheless,
        Dcn Doug

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      • I hear ya Doug. However, should your circumstances change, the invite still stands. There are ways to even up the odds. For example, one of my chess partners is somewhat inexperienced, so I’ll remove my queen from the board, which makes the game challenging for both of us.


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