2 thoughts on “Books by D. McManaman

  1. Might it be possible to correspond with you through email? In particular I should like to inquire deeper into your writing on the cardinal virtues; of all the Catholic writers out there that I’ve read, your style of writing best captures the essence and simplicity of these golden threads. For me the virtues remain the essential life line to our humanity, whether we are religious or not; therefore, I feel inclined to understand them all the more. I’ve tried reading Pieper, Westberg, Benedict, and others but they are too cerebral in their approach. Ideally it would be great to dialogue with someone like yourself; this may help me to untangle the complexities that prevent me from following that golden thread back to its source. Perhaps this could be a means for you to refresh and elucidate your own understanding of the core virtues, as well as continue to keep these principles relevant to those within your care.


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